Summit Pro 1.53

Design : Summit
Material : Phoenix 1.53
Coating : SFT Coat
UV CUT : UV-A and UV-B
Abbe No : 43
Specific Weight(g/cm3) : 1.11
Tensile Strenght(kgf) : 60-65(2.0)
Heat Resistance : 90
Quality Assurance Mark : SPX

General info

Revolutionary lens design offers clearer vision
Hoya’s advance technology makes Hoyalux Summit Pro the perfect lens choice for every visual situation with clearer natural vision at all times.
Today’s modern lifestyle may put unwanted strain upon our eyes. The Hoyalux Summit Pro offers comfortable vision with it’s unique lens design. You will experience smooth transition from distance right through to near viewing requirements.



Total concept for natural vision without compromise
To make this possible, HOYA developed a new computer-controlled 3D simulation-calculation programme. Thanks to this technique, it is now possible, for the first time ever, to achieve a perfect balance in the interaction between moving, far images and static, near images.


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